About the Beauceron

If you are looking for a large, active dog that is very family orientated and generally very easily trained, this is the breed for you.

The Beauceron is still very much a rare breed in this country.

“The Beauceron originates from France where it can be traced back to 1560. One of the main characteristics of the breed is the large double dew-claws on the hind legs. These are in fact more than just dew-claws, they are real toe joints. To quote the old French farmers, “If a Beauceron does not have double dew-claws it is not a Beauceron and will not be a good worker”.  The accepted colours are Black and Tan and Tricolour (Harlequin) where the coat has grey and black patches, which are evenly distributed over the body, with more black than grey. They are a large breed with the males reaching 27½ inches and the females 27 inches at the shoulder.

The breed’s main function was as a herding and protection dog. During the First World War Beaucerons were used as sentry dogs, for bomb detection, messenger carrier, and prison guard. To this day Beaucerons are used by the military, police, security services and search and rescue. They are also used as assistance dogs for the disabled, for tracking, agility and obedience, and of course as the family pet.

In France the Beauceron is sometimes referred to as the Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge (red stocking,) due to the tan markings. It is also called the "Country Gentleman" of France. Beaucerons were included in the first French Canine Exposition held in Paris in 1863 by the Imperial Society of Acclimation. In 1897 the first club for the "chiens de berger" (herding dogs) was formed. During this period, both the Beauceron and the Briard were considered to be of one breed with different coat types. In 1911 a separate club for the Beauceron was formed and the breeds divided. This club, Club des Amis du Beauceron, continues its stewardship of the breed today in France.

The first Beaucerons were imported to the UK in 1990 and the breed has slowly and steadily gained recognition here over the years. The Beauceron is registered on The Kennel Club’s Import Register. The first dog to be exhibited was Able Seaman with Overhill owned by Meg Purnell-Carpenter. This was at National Working Breeds Championship Show on Saturday July 18th 1998. He won the Import Register Limit class. His younger sister Bell Aime Petite with Overhill won the Post Graduate class.

Beauceron Club UK is the Kennel Club registered National Breed Club.

A growing band of exhibitors can be seen at the UK Championship shows. In 2011 the Top Beauceron was Fiona White’s Overhill Caviere (Overhill’s Blue Vision x Overhills China Blue) and Top Puppy was Steve & Jackie Barnes Jupiler du Regard Mordant to Tallowah (imp Bel) (Furio des Feux de la Gage x Houfti du Regard Mordant).”

Points to remember:-

1. It is a large breed.

2. Short-coated (less hair to clean up.).

3. Needs plenty of exercise.

4. Firm but gentle training.

5. Lots of socialisation from puppy hood.

6. Close human contact is essential.

7. MOST IMPORTANT. Ensure that you can offer a lifestyle and accommodation suitable for a Beauceron.